Defiance: The Complete Series

Get the Defiance Box Set, featuring all three books in the bestselling series by bestseller Devon C. Ford. 1000+ pages of revolution, power struggles, and war in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Generations after the world was reduced to ruins by war, the remaining pockets of humanity are ruled over with an iron fist. The streets are … Read more

Book 1: After The Silence

In a world reliant on technology, the bright flashes in the sky were just the beginning. With the power gone, the UK falls into a state of panic. The ensuing anarchy is simply a warm-up act. Shaun Taylor is stranded far from home, far from a broken family he needs to make whole again, and … Read more

Book 2: After The Noise

In the aftermath of the destruction, Shaun finds himself trapped by the winter. With little other choice, he joins a group of survivors doing the best they can. His idea of best isn’t always shared by the group, but before the weather breaks, when he wants to resume his journey, they all face conflict. Miles … Read more

Booke 1: Scourge

What could test a marine more than all-out war? The Scourge. A simple distress beacon… A mining colony in the outer reaches… Supposedly another routine deployment for Mike Barton of the Combined States Marine Corps, but what they find on the surface is unlike anything anyone had ever encountered. Horribly wounded in a battle with … Read more

Book 2: Hades

The galaxy is thrown into chaos as each side makes its alliances. The lines have been drawn. As the slow machine of war starts to turn, allies and enemies alike move their pieces in a bid for victory. Territories are claimed and lost. Skirmishes in deep space determine ownership of the jump lanes that crisscross … Read more

Book 3: Odin

Both sides take a step back to regroup, after a desperate battle over one system leaves the Combines States and the New Russian Confederacy reeling from heavy losses. Utilizing the might of their allies, the Combined States push for control over systems that would cut the NRC’s supply lines and force them to sue for … Read more

Book 1: Blood and Steel

They came to start a new life. Now they have to fight for it. Joel Lander wants nothing more than a fresh start, far from Earth and wars that have left humanity’s birthplace in shambles. Leaving on the second mission to the distant world of Tranquility, Lander and his family plan to build a brand-new … Read more

Book 2: Battle Lines

The Hive is gone, but the Queen’s effect on the world lingers. As the people of Tranquility rebuild, those touched by the alien creature struggle to come to grips with what was done to them and the pain they’d caused to their friends and family. Joel Lander is no stranger to their hardships, but with … Read more

Book 1: Hunter

History is lost, America is no more, and only a few safe places remain. Ranger Quinn thought that morning would be like so many others. A hangover, a day off before going back to work keeping the lower levels of Zion City safe from itself… But a crime so horrific, so brutal in its execution, … Read more