The Complete Series

Get The Rise Box Set, featuring all three books in the best-selling series. 1000+ pages of post-apocalyptic fiction about an uprising against invading aliens. Perfect for fans of Fallen Skies, Colony, and District 9

Twenty-five years ago, the Overseers conquered Earth and enslaved humanity. The time to fight back has come…

Alec works in the Detroit Overseer-factories, building a mysterious alien device. When three strangers appear, he’s provided an opportunity to escape after years of servitude.

Cole, a Freeborn loner, encounters Lina after her village is destroyed by the alien Occupation. Together, they make the arduous journey to a fabled safe-zone, trying to stay one step ahead of the enemy drones on their trail.

Dex is a Hunter, working for the Occupation to track down escaped factory slaves, or Roamers, at all costs. But his latest hunt uncovers a massive secret and threatens his loyalty to the Overseers.

All their fates are bound. For the first time in decades, a secret enclave of alien resistance fighters known as the Reclaimers prepare to make their move.

Join the fight for humanity in this special-edition Omnibus. Fast-paced, action-packed, and full of unforgettable characters, this series will leave you reading deep into the night. Grab your copy today!

Books included in the Boxed Set:
Book 1: Occupation
Book 2: Salvation
Book 3: Reclamation