Toy Soldiers

Book 4: Adversity

As if flesh-hungry zombies weren’t enough, A harsh Winter strikes.

Trapped in an abandoned and quarantined Britain, forsaken by the rest of the world, the scattered survivors are forced into hibernation by the fast onset of winter. Struggling for supplies and battling the elements, the true nature of the survivors shows through as they face adversity like they have never known before.

Nevin finds a niche in his new home, however, it’s still not enough for him. Nothing ever is. And tangling with Sergeant Major Johnson can only lead to more trouble.

Peter and Amber are still fending for themselves and digging in to brave the bitter cold alone.

Major Downes confides in Captain Palmer, and together they plan for escape to normality and to structure a new lifestyle for their charges. But in the uncertain world they live in now, nothing is easy.

Survival only gets harder in Book 4 of Toy Soldiers. Giving up might be the only option.