Collaborations, disappointment and things to come…

As always, I was lost for a subject when it came to my attention that I hadn’t posted for a while. Imagine my disappointment when I sat down to do my 2020 wrap up post and found that I had NOTHING good to say about it? Speaking of disappointment, I owe many people an apology. ... Read more

People’s choice, audiobooks and other stuff

Having realised I was way behind in putting up another blog post, I sat down to pour out my thoughts and ended up just depressing myself. Not a lot of good things have happened since my last post (anyone reading this in the future will hopefully be looking back on The Age Of The ‘Rona without too many ... Read more

Location Inspiration

A lot of fans ask me about the places in my books. Some of them are real, but most of them are figments of my imagination inspired by real places and changed to fit what I need for the story. Following the mantra of writing what you know makes it easy to describe real places, ... Read more

the bog-rollocalypse

Day 12 I’m keeping the curtains drawn. Outside I can hear marauding gangs breaking into houses. There are screams. Smashing glass.  Through a crack in the bedroom curtains I can see a burning police car. It started small and quickly got out of hand far faster than anyone could’ve predicted. It seems like just yesterday ... Read more

A year in review, briefly, and my best books of 2019

2019 was a big, steaming pile of crap for us. I won’t go into details, but we lost a family member early on. Hot on the heels of that was the premature arrival of our little girl and four months of commuting and living in hospital beside her. Just when we thought the year would ... Read more

My memory played a trick on me…

In itself, that isn’t an uncommon occurrence seeing as some days I quite literally have the short-term memory of a week-old kitten. What I mean more specifically is that I’d forgotten how hard it was with a new baby. I have older kids, and each new age range brings with it a fresh set of ... Read more

The Unnecessary Application of Pressure

January has been, and likely always will be, a difficult month for me for a number of reasons. Call it superstition, call it mumbo-jumbo rubbish, but it’s how I feel. Something bad always happens in January, that’s just a fact, but good things also happen. As with everything, it’s always difficult to see the wood ... Read more

The disposability of modern life

Despite being a child of the 80’s; one who was the remote control for the family and recalls with wondrous clarity the arrival of a fifth television channel, I’m guilty of this as much as anyone. Perhaps not the millennial youth of today, but that’s another matter entirely. What I mean by disposability is that none ... Read more

So bad I can’t look away…

‍This post has to start with a confession… I watch Love Island. There. I said it. I didn’t intend to watch it, I swear. Mrs F put it on the TV as I was tapping away, muttering something about ‘that bloody laptop’ being attached to me, and I subtly found my attention slipping away from ... Read more

Why the Post-Apocalypse Isn’t So Bad – guest blog for

What is it about post-apocalyptic science fiction that people love so much? We all like to delve into the realms of fantasy and escape the often mundane day to day of our real lives, and for most people that disassociation comes in the form of television or audiobooks or even actually reading something, but there’s ... Read more

Guest post on

The Apocalypse A Guest Post by Devon C Ford, featured March 19th on Linda’s Book Bag For starters, there are lots of different kinds of post-apocalyptic world we could find ourselves in. Imagine yourself a year down the line having to deal with a world without power, without running water, without transportation as there is ... Read more

Bread and Milk / The Snowpocalypse

The scene I have just witnessed has left me open-mouthed, wide-eyed and utterly speechless. I just wish I could have written a scene so bleak, so devastating and so perfectly designed to rip the arse mercilessly out of a person’s soul that they are left devoid of hope for any future past the immediate. I ... Read more