Collaborations, disappointment and things to come…

As always, I was lost for a subject when it came to my attention that I hadn’t posted for a while.

Imagine my disappointment when I sat down to do my 2020 wrap up post and found that I had NOTHING good to say about it?

Speaking of disappointment, I owe many people an apology. I represented the apocalypse as a fast-moving event that left people thinking of survival instead of being stuck at home wishing the kids were allowed out so you could just sit in silence for five minutes…

So yeah, sorry about that.

Anyway, collaborations. Some of you will have read/listened to the Rise series (Occupation, Salvation, Reclamation) I wrote with Nathan Hystad. Some of you will have read/listened to New Earth 2: Swarm I wrote with Chris Harris (two more of those coming this year!) and some of you will have even heard about my upcoming collaborations with Josh Hayes (Edge of Valor/Terra Nova/Stryker’s War) and Joshua Gayou (Commune/All Gifts Bestowed), so I want to address the main question on everyone’s lips.

Do I only collaborate with people who have surnames beginning with H or are called Josh?

Yes, that’s the only rule I have.

Seriously though, for those of you who don’t do the social media thing and haven’t heard about the new stuff, Josh Hayes and I are writing a whole new sci-fi series and Joshua Gayou and I are planning a spin-off series in the Commune world set many years after the conclusion of the last series.

So this year I have set myself some pretty hefty goals. I did the same last year then lost three months of writing because pandemic, but I still managed to come very close to the three quarters of a million words mark.

Is that good enough for me? No, of course not. So this year I am aiming for… (zoom in, pinky finger to the corner of my mouth)…

One Million Words!

There will be a new post-apocalyptic adventure trilogy coming soon called Wasteland, and it will be voiced by RC Bray.

The Tranquility series will follow (Hayes) along with another military sci-fi series I’m working on called Territory Wars.

As mentioned above, the Commune spin-off will come later on this year, but please don’t harass us with questions about narrators because we have less control over these things than you might think! (i.e. we have no control over these things)

After that, there may be more big announcements coming but I should leave that so I have something else to write the next time I remember I have a blog.

On a personal note, the future in the Ford household is about to be hectic with Mrs F going back to university to retrain as a midwife (she’s documenting some of her journey from detective to midwife over on Instagram at @halo.student.midwife. You could really annoy me by putting her followers higher than mine @dcf_actual)

As always, until next time, keep reading, keep listening, stay safe and stay sane.

DCF out.