Territory Wars

Booke 1: Scourge

What could test a marine more than all-out war? The Scourge.

A simple distress beacon…

A mining colony in the outer reaches…

Supposedly another routine deployment for Mike Barton of the Combined States Marine Corps, but what they find on the surface is unlike anything anyone had ever encountered.

Horribly wounded in a battle with an unknown enemy, Barton only survives through a chance encounter with two special operators. As if the skirmish wasn’t enough, what comes next will be beyond his imagination.

Thrown into a joint task force with troops from the New Russian Confederacy, Barton must return to the colony, face what had befallen him there, and investigate what killed everyone.

But the investigation will have to wait because the Scourge won’t. The fight for his life rages on, and his chances are slim.

Don’t miss the start of a Military Sci-Fi thrill ride from bestselling author Devon C. Ford. It’s perfect for fans of Rick Partlow, JN Chaney, Nick Webb, and Gears of War.