Defiance: The Complete Series

Get the Defiance Box Set, featuring all three books in the bestselling series by bestseller Devon C. Ford. 1000+ pages of revolution, power struggles, and war in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Generations after the world was reduced to ruins by war, the remaining pockets of humanity are ruled over with an iron fist. The streets are patrolled around the clock, curfews are enforced and executions occur for minor offences.

That ruling power, totalitarian and cruel, doesn’t go unchecked.

Born, raised, and trained in secret, Eve is forged into the perfect soldier. The time comes for her, and the others like her—the members of Project Genesis—to take the fight to their oppressors.

But the Party have their own clandestine projects lying in wait.

Buy this special edition omnibus to experience this complete Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian series from Amazon Bestseller Devon C. Ford, author of the After it Happened Series.

This boxset contains three full-length novels:
Book 1: Genesis
Book 2: Erebus
Book 3: Phoenix